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Global Warming, er, Change!

During the 26,500 year processional cycle of the Earth, the entire solar system rises above and falls below the galactic ecliptic, as you view the Milky Way edge on.
As of the 2012 furor, we’ve entered the exact plane of the ecliptic at zero point “c”, along the sine wave of the solar procession, above and below the ecliptic.
Now, no one knows what happens as we traverse this *HIGHLY* energized field. We have NO idea how this will affect Newtonian physics, the sun, weather, the magnetic fields, tectonics, fauna and such as we embark on this 5000 year passage.
All we know for sure is that it appears there were once advanced civilizations and a completely different planet in regards to O2 and gravity levels. An ice age also appears to have happened, extincted the (large)American fauna and generated endless legends of gods, dragons in the skies, and adventure. All around 10,000 years, or so, ago.
Or, it could be humans oxidizing carbon and refining metals. 😉


We Were Warned